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Contract Management Software - Contract 365
• Next generation contract management application for simple and complex contract management requirements. Powered by Office 365.
Contract Management Software - Contracts
Contract Management [.app] or CM[.app]
• Robust contract lifecycle management application which addresses all aspects of the contract process. Available on premises or in the Cloud.
Contract Management Software - Contract Managers & General Counsel
General Counsel & Contract Managers
• Increase the opportunities associated with your contracts while reducing the inefficiencies in your current contracting process
Contract Management Software Solutions - Procurement Professionals
Procurement Professionals
• Improve your relationships and management of your suppliers and supply chain
Contract Management Software Solutions - Proposal Management & Sales Professionals
Sales Professionals
• Close deals faster and recognize revenue more quickly with our proposal and contract management software solutions
Contract Management Software Solutions - IT Professionals
IT Professionals
• Increase your user satisfaction while reducing the overhead associated with providing your users with the software solutions they need
Contract Management Software Solutions - Executives
Executive Management
• Propel your business forward by positively influencing top and bottom line growth
Contract Management Software for SharePoint - SharePoint Platform
SharePoint Platform
• SharePoint as a platform is one of the most powerful and versatile technology platforms in the world
Contract Management Software for SharePoint - Software Product Delivery
Product Delivery Options
• Leveraging the SharePoint Platform, Corridor's Software Product Suite is available on premises, in the Cloud and via Office 365
About Us
• Learn more about our background, corporate philosophies and what differentiates us from other software product companies!
Executive Management
Executive Management
• Introducing our C Team, their areas of focus, backgrounds and interests!
• Corridor's focus on strategic partnerships delivers value to our clients, ourselves and our partner community
• We're always looking for strong candidates to augment our internal teams!
Giving Back
Giving Back
• We philosophically believe in giving back to those in need - directly, via our clients and our employees
Contact Us
Contact Us
• Planes, trains & automobiles. By phone, email and in person
Contract Management Software Resources - Press
Press Releases
• It's an exciting time here at Corridor Company. Check out our latest news!
Contract Management Software Resources - Articles
• Thought leadership is an important aspect of our corporate philosophy
Contract Management Software Resources - Case Studies & Whitepapers
WhitePapers & Case Studies
• Interested in learning more about industry issues or how our proposal, supplier, and contract management software helps our clients to succeed? Check out our whitepapers and case studies!
Contract Management Software Resources - Events
• We're committed to continuously educating our clients and prospects on matters pertinent to the supplier, proposal, and contract management space
Contract Management Software Resources - Blog
• Thought-provoking discussion items for our clients and prospects - join the conversation!
Contract Management Software Resources - Success Stories
Success Stories
• There is no better testament of our software product depth and implementation expertise than the success of our clients!
Contract Management Software Introduction - Planning & Analysis
Planning & Analysis
• Just starting your research? Establishing your business case? We have the business tools to help you in your process
Contract Management Software Introduction - Implementation Options
Implementation Options
• Based on your individual business needs, we offer several software licensing and implementation options
Contract Management Software Introduction - Post Implementation Support
Post Implementation Support
• After your project is complete, we offer a variety of options for post software implementation support




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