SharePoint as a Platform

SharePoint is the undisputed leader among enterprise content management systems in the world – and has transformed virtually every type of business function and process. Combining enterprise-class infrastructure and scalability, it is Corridor’s platform for its Proposal Management, Supplier Management and Contract Management software applications.

Most likely, you have SharePoint. And if you have SharePoint, your users are familiar with the application and your IT Department already supports it. Why not leverage your existing investment, infrastructure, training and user familiarity to deploy a world-class solution for your contract management, proposal management and supplier management needs?
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SharePoint as a Platform for Contract Management
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Rich Repository

At its heart, SharePoint is a repository for unstructured content such as contracts and supporting documents. It is designed for extensive metadata support, rich version control, security and sophisticated document relationships.

Enterprise Scalability

Designed to accommodate both distributed and centralized storage and metadata requirements, SharePoint provides global organizations with the flexibility that they need.

Language & Location Support

With support for over 50 different languages, dynamic labeling, multi-lingual search, and full localization, SharePoint can be readily deployed across countries and jurisdictions.

Extensive Security

With one of the most advanced security models in the industry, SharePoint can integrate with Active Directory, other Directory Services, multiple and multi-factor authentication support, group and role definitions, granular security definitions and document-specific security.

Industrial Strength Data Structure

An entirely new level of sophistication has been introduced in SharePoint, with hierarchical metadata which can be defined, inherited, and managed in both a centralized and distributed fashion.

Powerful Search

SharePoint’s advanced search capabilities allow for high-performance searching across vast amounts of content, multi-lingual searching support and powerful search aids.

Line of Business Integration

One of the most highly integrated platforms in the world, SharePoint has several integration options available including Business Connectivity Services (BCS), interoperable web services, and third-party integration products.


Microsoft’s continuous focus on business intelligence and analytics allows for use of a variety of advanced tools with SharePoint including Performance Point, PowerPivot, Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services.