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Just starting your research? Establishing your business case? We have the business tools to help you in your process.

Strategic Assessment Services

You know that having a Proposal Management, Supplier Management or Contract Management software solution in place will make your organization more efficient and effective while reducing risk and maximizing opportunity. But where to start? Should emphasis be placed on building a simple, searchable repository to store proposals and contracts? Should you try to implement a solution for contract or proposal creation and approvals while you’re at it? What about managing obligations and milestones? Migration of existing contracts and proposals? Management of your suppliers?

Corridor’s Strategic Assessment Services are designed to help make sense of the different directions your solution can take – by working with you to define and prioritize your initiatives. We realize that all organizations are different and have their own pain points, processes, and management focus areas. We also realize that one size does not fit all. We’ll work with you to develop a clear roadmap that delivers the functionality that you need on the schedule that you need it – and provides the return on investment promised to your stakeholders.

Once your roadmap is in place, our flexible licensing and implementation options will ensure a solution designed to meet the needs of your individual organization.
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SharePoint as a Platform for Contract Management
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Planning Your Contract Management Roadmap