Post-Implementation Support

 Your implementation is complete, the project has been accepted, and success has been declared! As you enjoy your victory lap, you reflect on a job well done. Your work is finished.

Not so fast! While implementing an effective solution is critical to any project, so too is your post-implementation support. New requests will arise; champions, users and administrators will transition; adjacent technologies will advance; and invariably issues will present themselves. Without proper solution and software product support, the ongoing success of your system may be compromised. This is true for all technology – including the Corridor[.app] product line.
Recognizing the importance of post-implementation support, Corridor is happy to provide a variety of options for both active and managed assistance.


Tailored to fit the specific needs of your company, Corridor’s Connect Support™ is an augmented support program which provides assistance far outside the boundaries of standard support & maintenance. With both proactive and reactive options, Connect Support provides general software product and SharePoint assistance, consulting and configuration assistance, support for environmental and data issues, and ongoing training and knowledge transfer.


An end-to-end project is not required for Corridor to deliver incremental business value. Your organization may want assistance in implementing minor solution changes, or you may need supplemental bandwith or expertise when your supporting resources have been allocated elsewhere. Sometimes you need augmented knowledge transfer or supplemental project management or business analysis expertise. Any or all of these needs can be fulfilled through Corridor’s Expert Services™ offering. Our team has the skills and experience to make a significant contribution to the overall success and ROI of your solution.


Whether you are an application system administrator, a business administrator or an end user, Corridor has a training program to fit your needs and to ensure that you have the ability to enhance, maintain and utilize your solution long-term. Our training programs can be tailored to fit the needs of your systems administrators, business administrators and end users.