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Corridor Company's Proposal Management Software, PM[.app]™, works in conjunction with our Contract Management Software application, CM[.app]™, to efficiently create proposals and convert these proposals to contracts. A proposal is a fundamental aspect of the sales process. The ability to effectively create high value proposals which adhere to company sales guidelines – and to readily approve or reject proposals which do not – is a critical aspect of the sales cycle. Direct conversion of these proposals into contracts provides additional strategic advantages including streamlined sales cycles, faster revenue recognition and cash collection, and increased customer satisfaction. Corridor's Proposal Management [.app] or PM[.app] software leverages Corridor's contract-centric platform to address all aspects of the proposal to contract process – from automated and ad hoc proposal creation to revisions, approvals, contract creation, and signature. With increasing customer demands, highly competitive sales situations and challenging sales goals, the efficient creation, negotiation, completion, and conversion of proposals to contracts is vital to a healthy sales organization.
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Proposal Creation

Readily create proposals based on your business scenario. High volume and standard proposals can be easily created directly by completing a short form – directly from within such CRM systems as or in our Proposal Management [.app] software. Forms can be configured to capture information important to your business and can integrate into other systems for data validation. Unique or more customized proposals can be created through the use of a template which readily allows approved proposal components to be inserted based on the proposal requirements.

Review & Approval

Reduce the time associated with the review and approval of proposals by automatically routing them based on a variety of different proposal properties including value, type, product or service being provided, sales person, geography – or virtually any other property important to your organization. Automated notifications, escalations and reassignments further support the efficiency of the process.


Facilitate proposal collaboration for both internal and external constituents. Multiple team members can work in tandem as automated reassembly and redlining take place. Collaborative discussion threads can be employed for interactive exchanges outside of the document, and all versions can be emailed and automatically saved back to the central repository.

Esignature (or Wet Signature)

Reduce the time and management of proposal closure by automatically routing proposals for wet or electronic signature. Easily track the signature process and automatically return the fully executed copy to the centralized repository.

Search & Report

Dashboard & Insights

Efficiently and effectively make decisions based on key proposal metrics. Our Proposal Management [.app] Dashboard with drill-down capabilities provides visibility and insight into the proposal process.


CRM Integration

Fully integrate into a variety of different CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or so that proposals can be initiated, made available in a secured fashion, and searched from within the environment where the users “live.”


Integration into Other Corridor [.app] Products

Leverage the Corridor [.app]™ software product line for an end-to-end solution for your proposal, purchasing and contract management needs. Corridor’s three software products – Contract Management [.app]™, Proposal Management [.app]™ and Supplier Management [.app]™ – readily integrate into one another for common data validation techniques, similar user interfaces, reduced IT support, and various other economies of scale to deliver a complete system in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Selecting and implementing a new application is an important decision and a big investment.

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