General Counsel & Contract Managers

As General Counsel or a Contract Manager for your organization, you are an integral part of the contracting process. Whether you are responsible for drafting individual contracts, templates or alternative language clauses, or for leading the negotiation and obligation management process, your ability to manage the contracting process is vital to your individual and organizational effectiveness.

Contract Management Software - ContractsContract Management [.app]™

Reduce the Time Required to Create and Review Contracts

by using our contract assembly software wizard, preapproved template libraries, and negotiation and collaboration tools.

Ensure That Your Contracts are Consistent and Include Only Approved Language

by leveraging our clause insertion software functionality in conjunction with your contract playbook.

Readily Track the Status of Your In-Process Contracts

with our automated alert functionality and contract dashboards.

Quickly Locate Executed Agreements and Their Supporting Documentation

through the use of our central repository and basic or advanced search software.

Proactively Report and Analyze the Status, Spend and Risk Associated with Your Contracts

with our reporting and analysis software tools.

Actively Manage Your Contractual Obligations

through the use of alerts, reminders and escalations.

Reduce the Risks and Maximize the Opportunity

associated with your contracts by actively monitoring them through easy-to-view dashboards and configurable alerts.