Sales Professionals

As a Sales Professional, your ability to craft a solution that fits the needs of your prospective customer is a vital component in winning opportunities. To do this, you need easy access to information – whether to create your proposals or to move forward with a contract. Once accessed, you need to quickly assemble this information in a manner which fits within corporate, marketing, and legal guidelines. Any changes or deviations need to be reviewed and approved to avoid unnecessary risk to your corporation – but need to be done expeditiously so that you remain competitive. And, after you’ve won the sale, the information needs to be stored in a central repository so that it can be accessed later for renewals, upsell, and similar opportunities.

Contract Management Software - ProposalsProposal Management [.app]™

Reduce the time required to assemble and send a proposal

by accessing branded, approved proposal components appropriate to the sales opportunity.

Find the right sales assets when you need them

with central access to graphics, charts, performance data and other information necessary to create winning proposals.

Initiate a request for your team to create and approve a proposal

by simply completing a form with the information collected from your prospect.

Continuously move the process forward

by relying on our database-driven workflows to create tasks that appear on dashboards, in emails, or both.

Readily see the status and values of your pending proposals

with our dashboards, reports and alerts.

Harness the power of your resources worldwide

by collaborating with subject matter experts, engineers, and legal professionals in your organization.

Work where you live – in your CRM

with easy access to the integrated proposal and contract management software tools that you need to be successful.


Contract Management Software - ContractsContract Management [.app]™

Reduce the time required to create and review contracts

by using our contract assembly software wizard, pre-approved template libraries, and negotiation and collaboration tools.

Ensure that your contracts are consistent and include only approved language

by leveraging our clause insertion software functionality in conjunction with your contract playbook.

Negotiate with confidence using fallback clauses drafted and approved

by your legal team, made available in our clause library.

Readily track the status of your work-in-progress contracts

with our automated alerting functionality and contract dashboards.

Increase contract renewals and upselling opportunities

through searches, reports and alerts on renewal dates, spotting product offerings which may no longer be relevant.

Work in a secure environment which protects your work-in-progress contracts

by leveraging security provisions that provide you with protected access to your contracts while under review or post execution.

Work where you live – in your CRM

with easy access to the integrated proposal and contract management software tools that you need to be successful.