Procurement Professionals

As a Procurement Professional, you are at the nexus of quality and cost. The contracts that you negotiate with suppliers ensure the best available goods and services on the best financial terms. Keeping your organization on a path to profitability by giving colleagues access to contractual volume and early payment discounts maximizes your value to the organization. And making the application and bid process for suppliers simple and organized helps turn short-term business relationships into reliable supply chain partnerships.

Contract Management Software - SuppliersSupplier Management [.app]™

Provide suppliers with access to their information and only their information

from within a secure supplier portal.

Automate the bid process from posting to closure

using our bid process dashboard.

Conduct a fair and open selection process

in accordance with corporate, community, municipal and state standards by giving appropriate levels of online access to bid processes, Q&A and selection decisions.

Organize and evaluate competing bids for cost, quality and flexibility
by standardizing supplier responses with dedicated bid fields for items such as price, quantity, time, level of compliance, etc.

Ensure discipline and auditability in bid preparation and analysis

through version control, automated workflows and approval histories.

Stay accurate and in compliance with your supplier documentation

by obtaining, storing and requesting updates to proof of insurance, licensing, federal business classification, tax information.

Reduce risk of supply chain disruption

by monitoring compliance and fulfillment.


Contract Management Software - ContractsContract Management [.app]™

Reduce the time required to create and review contracts

by using our contract assembly software wizard, pre-approved template libraries, and negotiation and collaboration tools.

Proactively report and analyze

the status, spend and risk associated with your contracts.

Readily search and identify existing contracts

with preferred terms which can be leveraged for future purchases.

Ensure value for money by automating procedures

to document full delivery of goods and services, on time, as contractually agreed.

Renegotiate and renew contracts to obtain the best value

by automating the renewal process and triggering contract and market reviews well in advance of appropriate dates.

Know when supplier deliverables are unfilled

by tracking obligations through the use of alerts, reminders and escalations.

Invoke the best available contractual remedy

by associating terms and conditions around deliverables with risk mitigation language in the contract.