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Press Releases

It’s an exciting time here at Corridor Company! We’re happy to share our latest news and updates with you via our press releases. Take a peek and let us know if you have any questions.

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Corridor Company and IACCM to Host Joint Webinar on Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management on October 4, 2016 , Friday, September 30, 2016

Corridor and IACCM, the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, will co-host a thought leadership session which examines the growth of Office 365 and its applicability as a platform for contract management.

Wakefield, Mass. (PRWEB) September 30, 2016

Corridor Company, Inc., the leading provider of contract lifecycle management software powered by the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, is pleased to announce its participation with IACCM in the upcoming webinar, “Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management.” In their joint presentation, Corridor CEO, Russ Edelman, and IACCM CEO, Tim Cummins, will discuss the continued development of Office 365 as a leading cloud services provider and how this can be leveraged to solve complex contract management challenges.

With over 40,000 members from more than 160 countries and 16,000 organizations, IACCM is the leading collaborative community for sales contracting, procurement, commercial management and legal functions. IACCM enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. To learn more about IACCM, visit their website at 

The webinar takes place on Tuesday, October 4, from 11:00 to 11:45 am EDT. Registration is available through Corridor’s website at

Office 365, Microsoft’s fastest growing product to date, provides a highly scalable and cloud-based virtual computing platform that reduces and eliminates an organization’s internal infrastructure. Adopted by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies, it represents Microsoft’s primary go-forward cloud offering and encompasses key capabilities including web versions of Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), SharePoint and Exchange/Outlook. Its prevalence, built-in productivity tools, first-class security and privacy controls, and premier scalability and reliability make it an excellent platform for an organization’s contract management requirements.

In this webinar, Edelman and Cummins will examine the importance of contract management and the challenges that organizations face when implementing contract management systems. They will discuss the pervasiveness of Office 365, and how this platform can be utilized to address these contract management challenges. Edelman will further highlight Corridor’s next generation technology, Contracts365, which leverages the Office 365 platform to provide a fully robust, end-to-end contract lifecycle management application.

“As a long-time member of IACCM, we are thrilled to co-present with Tim on this topic,” says Edelman.  “The momentum around Office 365 in terms of adoption as well as Microsoft’s continued investment supports our strategic direction for the platform.”  Adds Cummins, “Corridor continues to develop new products and functionality that have allowed it to maintain its positioning as a leader in global contract management. We look forward to discussing how Corridor’s Contracts365 can help to address organizational contracting challenges.”

About Corridor Company

Corridor Company is committed to continually evolving our software product line to meet the challenges of contracts and their proper management. With a business application platform that readily provides solutions for contract, proposal and supplier management, Corridor's end-to-end solutions enable customers to create contracts and proposals more efficiently, manage all processes more effectively, and ensure that revenue, profit and compliance are all fully optimized. Corridor's flexible licensing model, supporting implementation packages, and delivery options which include on premises, in the cloud, or Office 365, ensure a solution tailored to fit the needs of companies, including global enterprises. To learn why companies such as British Telecom, AARP, BAE-AI, Serco, VSP and many others choose Corridor as their contract management partner, visit

Media Contact:
Rob Lunder
781-229-9933 ext 16
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55 Corridor-Company-and-IACCM-to-Host-Joint-Webinar-on-Leveraging-Office-365-for-Contract-Management-on-October-4-2016 Corridor Company and IACCM to Host Joint Webinar on Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management on October 4, 2016 News-Items

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