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SharePoint As a Platform for Contract Management Software?

Jasmin Steely Blog Posts, contract management, contract management software, SharePoint

SharePoint has proven itself a platform for many things – websites, intranets and a variety of business-critical applications. While it has out-of-the-box contract management functionality, can it – or should it – be considered as a platform for a robust contract management solution?

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Protect Users from Themselves: Revoke Their Right to Delete

Corridor Company Blog Posts, Contribute Permission, SharePoint

Here's an issue I've always had with SharePoint – or rather, with SharePoint as it usually has been implemented at client sites.

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SharePoint Is Social; Are You? Corridor Now Is!

Russ Edelman Blog Posts, Essential SharePoint 2013, Microsoft, SharePoint, SharePoint 2013, Yammer

On behalf of the Herculean efforts of a few key folks here at Corridor, I wanted to provide the appropriate kudos to thank those in the know for getting our corporate blog up and in action! Yes, a long time in coming; however, we have found that its importance cannot be understated as a complement to our other thought leadership, communications, and research. And, in this regard, I guess you could consider us just a bit more social!

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