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3 Contract Management Bottlenecks Eliminated by Automation

Dermot Whittaker automation, bottlenecks

Contracts are essential in any business, and while "landing" a contract is always celebrated, you know that creating and executing one is not done overnight. Even with your expertise in the area, managing contracts can be a complex and time-consuming task.

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3 Ways to Know Your Contract Management Process Is Improving

Dermot Whittaker automation, ROI

Automation of your contract management process brings improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. It also helps you document them with better reporting. Here are three examples.

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5 Insanely Simple Contract Automation Use Cases You May Have Overlooked

Dermot Whittaker contract management software, efficiency, automation

If your organization is using a contract management system, you have probably addressed the use cases that led you to adopt it. You have a repository for contracts so that they are no longer lost. You have forms and workflows that create contracts and guide them through finance and legal for approval. You are associating your contracts with related documents such as statements of work, licenses, certificates of insurance, amendments, and addenda.

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