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The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make Implementing Contract Management Software

Dermot Whittaker Change Management, contract management software

Implementing contract management software across your organization? What could go wrong?

In a word: plenty!

That’s because the success of contract management software depends on how it is deployed and how it is used. Even a well-conceived implementation can encounter road bumps and detours; but from our experience, here are five mistakes to avoid from the start.

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Practice Makes Perfect | How SharePoint Can Help with Change Management

Corridor Company Blog Posts, Change Management, SharePoint

For many people, learning a new technology while also refining business processes is a daunting challenge. There's good news to report, and the news is that SharePoint can help! Utilizing a SharePoint project collaboration site to help manage the project enables team members with a range of SharePoint experience (from none to advanced) to learn the platform's capabilities before they start to use it as a core part of their business operations. Implemented wisely, this approach can flatten the learning curve while enabling team members to communicate SharePoint's capabilities and benefits to the rest of the organization.

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