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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is - or is not - perfect for contract management

Jessica Alden contract management software, Microsoft Dynamics 365, enterprise contract management

As I sat down to write this blog, I repeatedly thought to myself that I drew the short stick on this one. My blog topic – or shall I suggest, my blog challenge – “Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is perfect for enterprise contract management”. I, of course, work for a contract management software company so I have an extensive background in contract management and the variety of different contract management software offerings. And, as my company also offers a contract management product which integrates into Dynamics 365 CRM, I also have a fair amount of familiarity with this topic. But, a piece focused on why MS Dynamics 365 is perfect for contract management is not one where I have a tremendous amount of experience.

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5 Essential Contract Management Tools for 2021

Jessica Alden contract management needs, contract management software, contract management tools

The world of contract management software is a constantly evolving mix of technology, trends, and best practices. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what tools are most valuable which is why we’ve created a list of 5 essential contract management tools of 2021.

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The Natural Synergies Between Office 365 & Contract Management

Jessica Alden contract management software, office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, enterprise contract management

Microsoft has served as the foundation of contracts in that MS Word is the primary vehicle in which contracts are drafted, negotiated, and finalized. The foundation expanded when Microsoft initially introduced SharePoint back in 2001 as a repository was born; one where contracts, both draft and executed) could easily be stored along with some basic metadata. For law firms, legal departments and all other business functions impacted by contracts, Microsoft’s support for contract management; albeit limited, was formally established.

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Contract Management and COVID 19: Redefining the value of contract management software in the era of COVID

Jessica Alden contract management needs, contract management software

Generally speaking, contract management and COVID 19 are not two phrases that you commonly find in the same sentence – nor do they provide a headline which would elicit much interest. Not until today. While we, the contract management software vendors have been espousing the virtues of our digital platforms for years, present circumstances have brought many of these recommendations to the forefront.

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4 Contract Management Software Best Practices for 2021

Jessica Alden contract management software, clm system, contract lifecycle management

Best practices are, in short, methods or procedures known to produce better results than alternatives. In the context of implementing a contract management solution, following some contract management best practices from a trusted source can be the difference between project success or complete failure.

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What is Contract Management?  More Important, Why Does Contract Management Matter?

Jessica Alden contract management software, contract lifecycle management

What is Contract Management? More Important, Why Does Contract Management Matter?

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The Practicality of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) in Contract Management

Russ Edelman contract management software, clm software

Of 650 Contract Professionals attending a Contract Management Conference; how many raised their hands when asked if they were currently using AI/ML?

The answer: 6 people in total raised their hands at an IACCM (now World CC) Global conference. If the same question was to be asked today, the numbers would unquestionably be higher; albeit, the “interest” in using AI/ML for enterprise contract management software has always been multiples of that practical usage number, often approaching 50% or higher. What does one make of these data points? Two years ago, the practicality of using AI/ML within a contracting process was not as achievable nor was it the priority that it is today. Furthermore, AI/ML technology was still in a nascent state, despite it being magnitudes easier, more intelligent, and easier to “train” since it first started to surface decades ago.

Why Does AI/ML Matter In Today’s Contract Management Process?

In short, the infusion of AI/ML functionality into the..

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The Contract Management Software Selection Process And The Value You Add As CIO

Russ Edelman contract management software, contract lifecycle management

As CIO or a senior-level technical representative for your organization, you may find yourself helping your contracting, legal, and/or procurement team as they select a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) product. In today’s world, there are a large number of contract management solutions options available and it is here where your background can add a unique perspective as the team drives forward with the evaluation process.

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3 Ways Contract Management Software Improves Your Sales Pipeline

Jessica Alden contract management software, Sales Pipeline

Contracts are at the very heart of commerce – they often govern each and every dollar that comes in or goes out of an organization. And yet, using contract processes that are highly inefficient remains one of a business’ most common challenges.

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Ways Contract Management Software Helps You Strengthen Negotiations

Jessica Alden contract management software

“Initiate a proper handshake and the whole world opens up for you.” ― James D Wilson

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