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The Top 6 Resources for Contract Managers

Jessica Alden contract professionals, legal professionals

Professional organizations are tremendous contract management resources. Many of the benefits are available with a simple website visit, while membership can open doors to education, certification, and one-on-one connection with colleagues facing similar challenges.

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Self-Service Contracts: 3 Ways They Help Your Company

Dermot Whittaker contract professionals, legal professionals, self-service contracts, sales

Self-service contracts let your employees make contracts without consulting legal teams. If you haven’t used self-service contracts or contract management software before, this may sound like a risky proposition. Don’t you need your lawyers to review contracts to make sure your interests are protected?

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IACCM Americas | October 8-10, 2013 | Reflections on One More Great IACCM Event

Russ Edelman Arizona, Blog Posts, contract management, contract professionals, IACCM, IACCM America, Phoenix, Tim Cummins

We recently returned from our sixth IACCM Americas Forum which took place in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. The conference had a few hundred contract professionals from many of the largest organizations in the world, and as is the case with prior IACCM conferences, the knowledge exchange among the attendees was of incredible value. Coupled with the attendee networking, the conference of course had multiple tracks with numerous contract related sessions. While I speak with bias as we are fans of IACCM, the IACCM conferences are the best professional association conferences I have attended.

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A Contract Professional's Untold Story - Value!

Russ Edelman Blog Posts, contract management, contract management software, contract managers, contract professionals, request for proposal, RFP

We have had the opportunity to work with contract professionals in all parts of the world. While cultures and personal styles vary considerably, contract professionals show a common desire to introduce value into their respective organizations as they manage the complexities of contracts. And while they succeed in introducing value every day, that value frequently goes unrecognized. As a result, our beloved contract professionals often become corporate martyrs rather than corporate heroes.

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