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The Top 6 Resources for Contract Managers

Jessica Alden contract professionals, legal professionals

Professional organizations are tremendous contract management resources. Many of the benefits are available with a simple website visit, while membership can open doors to education, certification, and one-on-one connection with colleagues facing similar challenges.

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The Contract Playbook: What It Is & Why It's Important | Contract Management Blogs by Corridor

Dermot Whittaker legal professionals, playbook

A contract playbook lists the terms and conditions of a contract type and provides clear guidance to negotiators for defending these provisions, offering variations of these provisions, or holding fast to the provisions as non-negotiable. Playbooks also give negotiators instant access to a plain language rationale for the organization’s use of a given clause and when to escalate an issue to a legal or business approver.

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Self-Service Contracts: 3 Ways They Help Your Company

Dermot Whittaker contract professionals, legal professionals, self-service contracts, sales

Self-service contracts let your employees make contracts without consulting legal teams. If you haven’t used self-service contracts or contract management software before, this may sound like a risky proposition. Don’t you need your lawyers to review contracts to make sure your interests are protected?

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