Corridor Company is Hiring!

We are all familiar with the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams.
An unknown voice in the field whispers to Ray Kinsella, “If you build it, they will come.”
Ray builds his field and Shoeless Joe Jackson and the players come
to both relive and realize their dreams.

This concept is as applicable to business as it is the movies.
Build a product – one that the market demands – and customers will come.
Build a company – one where employees can realize their dreams – and employees will come.

Building Our Team

As we are continuously expanding our product and client base, we are in search of great people to join our team. Please feel free to forward your resume to us at

Sales & Marketing

Responsible for lead generation and closing new business, our Sales & Marketing Team is in search of strong candidates in the following areas: Content Marketing, Account Representatives, Sales Executives, Sales Engineers


At the heart of Corridor Company is our Operations Team. Responsible for ensuring that all runs smoothly, Corridor’s Operation Team is in search of strong contributors in the following areas: HR Representatives, Recruiting


Otherwise known as Research & Development, Corridor’s R&D Team is responsible for the continuous evolution of Next Generation Contract Management Software as well as the introduction of adjacent and supporting technologies. If you “eat bugs for breakfast”, we want you!

Technical Support

As important as is our technology, so, too, are the individuals responsible for its successful implementation. Corridor’s Services & Consulting Team is in search of individuals who are committed to delivering on time and on budget. Current openings include: Project Managers, Implementation Specialists, Business Analysts.

Services and Consulting

Customer delight is the philosophy by which this team operates. If you are committed to ensuring the success of our clients, and going above and beyond to help out wherever and whenever is needed, we need you. We are currently in search of: Customer Support Specialists, Trainers