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Corridor leverages the Office 365 and SharePoint platforms to deliver the most flexible, secure and robust contract lifecycle management software applications in the market.

Our Next Generation Contract Management Software manages all aspects of your contracting process. From the basic requirements of contract creation and storage to the more demanding challenges surrounding complex data requirements, sophisticated obligations and supporting documentation, we deliver solutions that address your unique organizational requirements.

Corridor’s flexible licensing options are designed to provide the functionality that you need at the cost that makes sense.

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Securely store all contracts including drafts, in process, and third party paper within one of the most robust security infrastructures in the market. With rich metadata support, all document types can be readily catalogued for easy search and comprehensive reporting as well as for use in document retention policies. Permissions for all documents can be configured in accordance with your business requirements.
Readily configure alerts and notifications for important events on a per contract, contract type, user or role basis. Alerts & Notifications can be sent in accordance with your pre-defined schedules or as escalations when bottlenecks or scheduled activity is not taking place.
Easily search and locate contracts and supporting materials across single or multiple document libraries, sites, and site collections using both standard and custom search terms. Create ad-hoc or automated, scheduled reports based on different variables and metadata which can be accessed through contract dashboards or delivered directly through email to designated contract and business professionals on the schedule you specify.
Efficiently and effectively manage contractual obligations through our advanced obligation reporting and extraction capabilities. Contract-specific obligations can be entered into the system manually or extracted from the document and associated with the contract record. Obligations can be incorporated into workflow processes and obligation reports, and can be converted automatically into risks and opportunities based on the nature of the obligation.
Automatically generate contracts and supporting documentation through an easy-to-use software wizard which works in conjunction with many different form types and which outputs to a variety of different document types. A contract playbook and clause library can be readily accessed to create customized agreements based on contract type. Standard metadata can be easily associated with each document and customized to reflect the needs of your organization.
Close contracts faster with an automated workflow and approval process based on specific business rules including contract type, value, or specific metadata. A contract tracker and dashboard reflect the current status of the contract as well as other contract-related information. Notifications, escalations and individual task lists provide the necessary support to efficiently and effectively process large volumes of both unique and standard contracts. Mobile support allows tasks to be approved or rejected directly from phones and tablets.
Readily negotiate contracts – both internal and counter-party paper – with our automated redlining, check-in and check-out functionality, and notification and escalation processes. Customized, branded email templates can be created to facilitate the negotiation and discussion process, and a detailed version history readily shows what changes were made by whom and when. A “contract dashboard” dynamically displays the status of the contract and/or documents as they are negotiated.
Expertly analyze your contract and supporting data with our at-a-glance graphing and dashboarding capabilities. View the status of your contracts, any process bottlenecks which exist and any actions which require your attention. Drill down into contract details and refine information to create a variety of different supporting reports.
Fully leverage the functionality of our Next Generation Contract Management Software within the environment where your users “live” and work. Out-of-the box bi-directional integration with Salesforce at the lead, contact, company and opportunity level allows users to directly look up data, link to records, and easily search and locate contracts and supporting documents as well as autofill and pre-populate contract data. Integrations also available for a variety of other CRM and financial systems including SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics.
Reduce the time and management overhead associated with your contract signature process through automatic routing of completed contracts for electronic or wet signature. Multiple signers can be supporting with automated notification to all signing participants. Once fully executed, the signed document will be returned to the system and automatically related to the primary contract record.