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Contracts 365  

Version 7.0 Release Details 


Corridor announces the newest release of its contract management software, Contracts 365 Version 7.0. Building upon the success of 6.6.4, we have included new features throughout  the system, along with improving existing capabilities and overall usability.

Highlighted below are some of the notable features and enhancements rolled out in this release:

Visual workflow monitoring and tracking

This new feature provides a quick visual view of the state of a specific workflow which could include the current task owner, on track/off track status, workflow participant comments and other important details. With visual workflow monitoring and tracking, users can quickly access a snapshot of the high priority workflow items without slowing down.

Azure Active Directory support

Enhanced integration with Azure Active Directory makes it easy to provide controlled access for all users in the Customers' Office 365 tenant.

Improved form design and user interface

This user interface enhancement displays data more efficiently on precious screen real estate while also making Contracts 365 even easier to use.

Audit trail

An enhanced audit trail in Version 7.0 provides authorized users logs for system and user access and actions, system wide.

Report engine

The new report engine allows users to either start with a standard report or create on-demand or scheduled reports that ensure critical information is available for the right people, at the right time. 

Adobe Sign e-signature integration

In addition to the long -supported DocuSign platform, we add integration with Adobe Sign in version 7.0. These leading e-signature tools are fully integrated with Contracts 365, making it easy for users to initiate, automate and track the signature process from start to finish.

Improved experience for creating new records and documents

Contracts 365 Version 7.0 makes it even easier and faster for users to perform two of the most common and repetitive functions: create a record and create a document.

Global search enhancements

Users benefit from enhanced grouping of search results by data entity type and the application of easily identifiable icons.

Existing Contracts 365 clients are encouraged to use the support portal to contact their Customer Success Representative and schedule a demo. This will allow a full walk through of all new features and updates. If you’re new to Corridor and want to learn more, contact us to schedule your complimentary demo!