Contract Management Software for
High Tech & Telecom

The demands of the High Tech and Telecom sectors are continuously increasing with the changing regulatory landscape. More stringent compliance initiatives coupled with evolving technologies emphasize the need for robust contract management practices.

By leveraging the power of Corridor’s Next Generation Contract Management Software, you can readily:

  • Store and manage all contract types across multiple geographies with both centralized and regional controls
  • Manage complex, multifaceted and recurring obligations with advanced obligation and compliance management capabilities
  • Automatically escalate bottlenecks or missed obligation fulfillment to senior management for review and resolution
  • Optimize contract processes with key reports, automated approval processes and standardized contract templates
British Telecom Case Study

British Telecom Case Study

BT’s prior contracting processes including using native SharePoint as well as disparate collection of other tools. By implementing and integrating Corridor Company’s Contract Management Software into various back end systems, BT has unprecedented visibility into important contract information.

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