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Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management

3/21/201811:00am EDT45 minutes
The growth of Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud offering is unparalleled with 80% of Fortune 500 companies now using the platform. Its built-in productivity tools, first-class security, privacy controls, premier scalability and reliability make it an excellent platform for any organization’s contract management requirements.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 11:00 am EDT, for our webinar Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management. During our 45-minute interactive session, Corridor Company CEO Russ Edelman will examine the growth and development of Office 365 as the undisputed leader in cloud-based services. We will also discuss the applicability of this platform within the world of contract management. Specific areas of focus will include:

• The Contracting Conundrum
• Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management
• Corridor’s Next Generation Technology, Contracts 365

We look forward to your participation and questions!