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Contract Obligations: Leveraging Automation for Improved Compliance

6/2/2021 11:00am EDT 45 min

Many organizations are challenged with keeping track of compliance obligations contained within their contracts. Such details are often buried deep in contractual language and surfacing this information to the right business people, at the right time is not easy to do at scale.

Join Corridor Company for a complimentary webinar Contract Obligations: Leveraging Automation for Improved Compliance on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 11:00 a.m. EDT

We’ll explore the challenges of managing contractual obligations and best practices for ensuring visibility and accountability. We will also walk through examples of obligation management in a product demonstration. 

We’ll cover these topics: 
• Obligations Defined – What is meant by a contractual obligation.
• Why Obligations matter – some empirical data to share
• Obligation frequency, initiation and evidence – what one needs to be successful
• Practical/Real World Obligation Management Demo

If your company is struggling with managing obligations or low contract compliance, please join us.