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Allocating the Proper Resources within Your Contract Management Process

Emily Goh-Marchese contract management, Webinars

Resource allocation in the realm of contract management is an on-going challenge. For example, how are contracts requested and who has the ability to create or provide contracts? Who negotiates these contracts and approves the language changes? Who is responsible for managing the contract to ensure that the obligations – whether those that the company has made to its clients or that its vendors have made to their clients – are fulfilled? And, who supports these activities, both from a process and business perspective, as well as a technical standpoint?

In this 45-minute complimentary webinar, we discussed about optimizing your resources within the contract management process.

Specific areas of focus included:

  • Understanding the Different Types of Resources
  • Managing Your Resources Properly
  • The Impact on Your Contract Management Process
  • Technical Success, Business Failure

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