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Upcoming Webinar

Contract Management Automation: Everything You Need to Know

1/24/201811:00am EST45 minutes
Do you struggle in managing your contracts, internally or externally? Has your General Counsel or Management Team tasked you with automating the creation of your contracts or with introducing efficiencies into your contract management processes? Or perhaps you are looking to learn more about how other companies approach their contract management process?

Please join us on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. (EST) for our 45-minute complimentary webinar, Contract Management Automation: Everything You Need to Know.

We will provide an executive view of the issues, challenges, and solutions for those in the contract management space. Specific discussion items include:

• Costs and Risks When Contracts Are Not Adequately Managed
• Dimensions of Contract Management, Including Contract Creation, Repositories, Reporting and Obligation Tracking
• Contract Management Maturity Model and How to Evolve Your Organization

Using client case studies, we’ll illustrate how contract management software has been dramatically improved through automation. Don’t miss it!

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