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Enterprise Contract Management is rapidly evolving.
With a direct impact on your company’s profit, cash flow and risk, the ability to effectively and efficiently manage your contracts is an operational imperative.

Corridor Company couples our 20 years of experience in solving both simple and complex contract management challenges with our next generation enterprise contract management software powered by the Office 365 and SharePoint platforms. We deliver high availability, secure solutions that work.

On Time. On Budget.

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“Key to any successful technology implementation is the working relationship between client and solution provider. The open, collaborative relationship between British Telecom and Corridor played a vital role in the successful deployment of Corridor’s contract management application within BT.”Paul Branch, Head of Deal Assurance, BT

Next Generation Contract Management

Readily configurable contract management software to solve your organization’s unique contract management challenges.

Solution Options

Corridor leverages the Office 365, SharePoint and Salesforce platforms to deliver one of the most secure and versatile applications in the market.

Implementation Methodology

Corridor’s Award Winning, Passage Implementation Methodology couples technology and process for true business and technical success.

Post Implementation Support

Corridor’s collaborative support framework provides the expertise and resources necessary to ensure the lasting success of your solution.

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Thought Leadership

We are committed to · continuously educating ourselves · inspiring our clients · sharing our experiences · playing an active role in the evolving contract space · giving back to our community.

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