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Contract Managers: Here Are 4 Tools to Decrease Your Contract Cycle Time

Dermot Whittaker contract management software, effectiveness, efficiency

Contract managers are pressed on several fronts. As professionals, they need to uphold the contracting standards of their organization across dozens of agreement types. As workers in a busy department, they need to produce agreements efficiently. And as the primary contact for business users who need contracts to do their jobs, they are asked more often than they’d like: When will my contract be ready?

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5 Ways a CLM Solution Improves Contract Compliance

Dermot Whittaker compliance

Every contract carries with it some risk of noncompliance, but contract management software can reduce that risk significantly.

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3 Easy Wins From Your First Contract Management Software Implementation

Dermot Whittaker contract management software, ROI

While instant results are wonderful, most good business decisions require delayed gratification. Profits are always down the road, new hires need weeks to get up to speed, improved workflows take time to kick in. You may feel that change is always a slow and bumpy process. If so, you will be surprised by the immediate positive effects that contract management software has on your operation. This investment gives you valuable results as soon as it is installed. The right software program will deliver three easy wins that promptly improve your business while easing your professional burdens.

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4 Must-Haves in Your Contract Management Process

Dermot Whittaker contract management needs

For some business people, dealing with contracts is an unappealing part of the production, sales or fulfillment process. The real job begins, they feel, when the contracts are signed. In reality, contract management before signing must be a priority because nothing works well if this aspect of the deal is not in order.

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5 Insanely Simple Contract Automation Use Cases You May Have Overlooked

Dermot Whittaker contract management software, efficiency, automation

If your organization is using a contract management system, you have probably addressed the use cases that led you to adopt it. You have a repository for contracts so that they are no longer lost. You have forms and workflows that create contracts and guide them through finance and legal for approval. You are associating your contracts with related documents such as statements of work, licenses, certificates of insurance, amendments, and addenda.

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5 Key Points to Consider When Selecting Contract Management Software

Dermot Whittaker contract management software

Advanced contract management software makes running your business easier, at least in theory. If you are at the shopping stage, one of those “theoreticals” is the choice between software in the cloud (SaaS or Software as a Service) and software installed on premise. Either mode of delivery can give you a program that improves risk management, compliance, and contract quality. Below are five points to consider.

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A Solution for Contract Management: Office 365

Dermot Whittaker contract management software, Microsoft, office 365

Looking for an upgrade in your contract management system? You may be most of the way there. Office 365, the cloud-based collection of Microsoft’s productivity tools such as Excel and Word, is becoming standard at many companies. The combination of Office 365 and Azure – the Microsoft cloud where O365 lives – has capabilities that will make enterprise contract management easier and more secure once the tools are harnessed to business processes.

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