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IACCM Americas | October 8-10, 2013 | Reflections on One More Great IACCM Event

Russ Edelman Arizona, Blog Posts, contract management, contract professionals, IACCM, IACCM America, Phoenix, Tim Cummins

We recently returned from our sixth IACCM Americas Forum which took place in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. The conference had a few hundred contract professionals from many of the largest organizations in the world, and as is the case with prior IACCM conferences, the knowledge exchange among the attendees was of incredible value. Coupled with the attendee networking, the conference of course had multiple tracks with numerous contract related sessions. While I speak with bias as we are fans of IACCM, the IACCM conferences are the best professional association conferences I have attended.

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Contract Economics 101: Building a Business Case for a Contract Management Software

Dermot Whittaker Blog Posts, business case, contract economics, contract management, contract management software, contract managers, return on investment

Post by Dermot Whittaker, Sales Support Manager, Corridor Company

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Contract Economics 101: Leveraging Process and Automation

Jasmin Steely Blog Posts, contract managers

In our last blog, Contract Economics 101 | Focusing the Right Human Resources on the Right Business Problem, we reviewed the different roles professionals play in creating and managing contracts. While you may have the good fortune to have a team of attorneys in your employ, it might not make smart economic sense to dedicate them to standard contract reviews. Rather, it is best to ensure that those who can most economically and efficiently address the various aspects of contract lifecycle management do so.

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Contract Economics 101: Focusing the Right Human Resources on the Right Business Problem

Jasmin Steely Blog Posts, contract management

Picking up where we left off, our first area of analysis for purposes of our Contract Economics discussion includes focusing the right human resources on the right business problems. When considering this in the realm of contract management, there are a variety of areas which need to be considered. How are contracts created and who has the ability to request or provide contracts? Who negotiates these contracts and approves the language changes or the spend? Once the contract is finalized, who signs the contract, where is it stored, and who is responsible for managing the contract to ensure that the obligations – whether those that the company has made to its clients or that its vendors have made to it – are fulfilled? And, who has to support these activities, both from a process and business perspective, as well as a technical (if applicable) standpoint?

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Contract Economics 101: An Introduction

Jasmin Steely Blog Posts, contract economics, contract management

Contract economics. Piques your interest, doesn’t it?  Though I’d like to take credit, the term is not my brainchild; I first heard it from our CEO and have been intrigued by the concept ever since. So when you think about contract economics, what comes to mind?

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Valuable Contract Management Lessons from Down Under

Dermot Whittaker Blog Posts, contract management

Contract managers and procurement professionals will discover much of interest in the New South Wales, Australia, Auditor-General's report on its recent performance audit, “Making the most of government purchasing power – telecommunications."

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The Costs of Unmet Contractual Obligations: $100 Million in Questionable Costs

Dermot Whittaker Blog Posts, contract management, contract managers, contracting errors

When contracting errors become public, contract professionals have an opportunity to learn how to avoid similar mistakes. A recent example: As reported in the Washington Post*, a United States Defense Department inspector general’s report found that a "major defense contractor 'did not properly charge labor rates' for a counter-narcoterrorism contract, and that the Army agency in charge of the contract did not ensure that the people performing the work had the necessary qualifications." Over $100 million in questionable costs were charged to the government, according to the report.

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All Contracts Are Not Created Equal | Considerations for A Contract Management Software

Jasmin Steely Blog Posts, contract management, contract management needs, contract management software, equal

Unlike the famous adage in the Declaration of Independence – "…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" – all contracts are not created equal. Given that they are not equal, they do not have the same "rights," nor can they or should they be treated the same way – especially when considering a contract management software initiative.

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A Contract Professional's Untold Story - Value!

Russ Edelman Blog Posts, contract management, contract management software, contract managers, contract professionals, request for proposal, RFP

We have had the opportunity to work with contract professionals in all parts of the world. While cultures and personal styles vary considerably, contract professionals show a common desire to introduce value into their respective organizations as they manage the complexities of contracts. And while they succeed in introducing value every day, that value frequently goes unrecognized. As a result, our beloved contract professionals often become corporate martyrs rather than corporate heroes.

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Contract Managers and IT Need to Ask: Should I Migrate Existing Content into MY New System?

Aaron Cutlip Blog Posts, contract managers, IT, migration

A typical decision point when implementing any new document management system revolves around what to do with the documents and content from the previous system. In a perfect world, all of the old content comes along for the ride and works perfectly in the new system with little to no effort. However, let’s talk about the reality of migrations and leave “perfect" out of this discussion. The purpose of this post is to frame out the points that should be considered when deciding if you should migrate anything and what migration strategies you might use.

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