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Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks

More likely than not, you’ve worked on a contract that stalled in a long, manual approval process. CONTRACTS 365™ contract management software automates approval routing and updates stakeholders every step of the way. Surprises are eliminated and your contract is kept on track.


"The CONTRACTS 365 platform is a powerful, easy to use solution that allows us to better manage our legal review process and track our vendor relationships.”

Casey Callum, Legal Counsel at TPG Global

Cloud Convenience, Without Compromise

Concerned about putting your contracts in a third party cloud repository? With CONTRACTS 365, you don’t have to be. Learn more about how Customers First Cloud Architecture allows our customers to retain control and ownership over their contracts and data.

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Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt

High user adoption is critical to the success of your contract management initiative. CONTRACTS 365 is an easy to use contract management software application that balances advanced functionality with ease of use for maximum user adoption and return on investment.

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Total Contract Visibility

When you execute a contract, can you be sure that you or your business partners will adhere to its terms and obligations? Or, will it go into a virtual file cabinet only to be retrieved when a compliance issue arises? CONTRACTS 365 exposes the business terms, risks and obligations within your contracts– making them visible, measurable and actionable .

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Integrate Data From Across Your Company

Contract data is essential, but it rarely tells you everything you need to know. The extensible data model of CONTRACTS 365 accommodates data from Sales, ERP, Financial, and other source systems to provide a complete picture of your business.

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Discover the effortless way to manage and close more contracts.

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CONTRACTS 365 helps you manage every step in your contract lifecycle

The contract management process can be complex and requires that you have the right contract management software at your disposal. CONTRACTS 365 by Corridor Company is an enterprise-ready contract management software platform that provides complete visibility and control of the entire contract lifecycle for any type of contract including; buy-side, sell-side and corporate agreements. The solution is equipped to create contracts based on pre-approved templates as well as manage third-party paper. CONTRACTS 365 leverages the robust security and compliance features inherent to the Microsoft Office 365 platform while providing tight integration with applications that contract, legal, finance and procurement teams use regularly. Workflow automation allows employees to focus on high value activities while CONTRACTS 365 keeps track of approvals, reminders and compliance notifications.

The contract management solution that's easy to use and easy to adopt

CONTRACTS 365 from Corridor Company is a powerful application with an extremely easy to navigate interface that maximizes user adoption and your return on investment. Users navigate easily through the modern and intuitive interface on any device. Dynamic self-service tools guide users confidently through their work without the need for training. With automation, smart contracts and other critical features, various teams can seamlessly and effectively ensure the successful management of contracts from beginning to end. With the right contract management solution in place, you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.