Contract Management Software

We view the success of our clients as paramount and distinguish between a “technical success” and a “business success”.

When it comes to contract management software, a technical success is one in which the technology is successfully implemented. A business success addresses the true needs of the business, and is an artful combination of technology and process. Proper planning, implementation, training and post implementation support are critical elements to ensure that your users embrace and find value in your contract management software.



Contract Management Software or Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software automates many of the manual processes involved in your contract management process. Through the use of technology, effectiveness and efficiency are introduced into your critical contracting processes.

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Features & Benefits

From contract creation to post execution obligation management, Corridor’s Next Generation Contract Management Software supports all aspects of your contract management lifecycle.

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Licensing Options

Corridor’s flexible licensing options are designed to provide the functionality that your organization needs at the cost that makes sense. Licensing options include both Standard and Enterprise as well as optional Extenders.

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Implementation Options

Corridor’s Award Winning, Passage Implementation Methodology couples technology and process for true business and technical success.

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Post Implementation Support

Corridor’s collaborative support framework provides the expertise and resources necessary to ensure the lasting success of your solution.