Contract Management Software for
Non Profits

Consistent with for profit organizations, Non Profit companies must maintain contractual relationships with their respective counterparties. Funding requirements, which often include grants and other sources of income, require precise management of deliverables to ensure compliance.

By leveraging the power of Corridor’s Next Generation Contract Management Software, you can readily:

  • Store and manage all contract types including supplier, partner, and sponsor contracts as well as their supporting documentation within one centralized and secure repository
  • Manage grant request processes and contract awards for successful grants
  • Track key partner deliverables to ensure contract compliance requirements are achieved
  • Optimize contract processes with key reports, automated approval processes and standardized contract templates
Modesto Irrigation District

Modesto Irrigation District Case Study

MID’s business requirements were multifaceted. With its many departments relying on the technology and repository for collaboration, compliance and audit needs, MID needed to be extremely thoughtful in its selection of a vendor. With Corridor’s technology, MID has a secure solution that it can count on.

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